Ph.D. Students

Konstantinos I. Mamis

Ph.D. Thesis: "Probabilistic responses of dynamical systems subjected to Gaussian coloured noise excitation. Foundations of a non-Markovian theory", NTUA, Greece, 2020

Christos E. Papoutsellis

Ph.D. Thesis: "Nonlinear Water Waves over varying bathymetry. Theoretical and numerical study using variational methods", NTUA, Greece, 2016
Current position: Postdoctoral Researcher, Institut de Mécanique des Fluides de Toulouse - IMFT at IRT Saint Exupéry, France

Sevasti-Ivi C. Tsantili

Ph.D. Thesis: "Two-time response excitation theory for non linear stochastic dynamical systems", NTUA, Greece, 2013

Giorgos D. Gkikas

Ph.D. Thesis: "Nonlinear system modeling and identification of an onshore oscillating water column-wave energy converter, using Volterra series and Hilbert-Huang transform", NTUA, Greece, 2012
Current position: Senior Engineer in Hydrodynamics, SBM Offshore, The Netherlands

Konstantinos S. Politis

Ph.D. Thesis: "Modeling and numerical solution of wave propagation problems in the sea by means of wavelets and Gabor frames", NTUA, Greece, 2008

Panagiotis N. Gavriliadis

Ph.D. Thesis: "Theoretical and numerical exploitation of the moment problem with applications to the probabilistic prediction of stochastic responses of dynamical systems", NTUA, Greece, 2006
Current position: Researcher, National Technical University of Athens, Greece

Theodoros P. Gerostathis

Ph.D. Thesis: "Wave propagation in the nearshore/coastal environment using models appropriate for parallel processing", NTUA, Greece, 2004
Current position: Associate Professor, Department of Naval Architecture, School of Engineering, University of West Attica, Greece

Aristeidis M. Prospathopoulos

Ph.D. Thesis: "Three-dimensional acoustic scattering from axisymmetric obstacles or inclusions in oceanic wave guides", NTUA, Greece, 2000
Current position: Associate Researcher, Hellenic Center for Marine Research, Greece

Christos N. Stefanakos

Ph.D. Thesis: "Nonstationary stochastic modelling of time series with applications to environmental data", NTUA, Greece, 1999
Current position: Research Scientist in the Department of Energy and Transport, SINTEF Ocean, Norway

Alexandros A. Theodoulidis

Ph.D. Thesis: "Steady free-surface flows around a finite obstacle or an applied pressure system. Linear and non-linear problem", NTUA, Greece, 1995
Current position: Assistant Professor, Department of Naval Architecture, School of Engineering, University of West Attica, Greece

Takvor H. Soukissian

Ph.D. Thesis: "Methods of long-term analysis and prediction of sea wave climate", NTUA, Greece, 1995
Current position: Senior Researcher, Hellenic Center for Marine Research, Greece

Giorgos N. Makrakis

Ph.D. Thesis: "Elastic Wave Propagation in a half plane with a hole", NTUA, Greece, 1992
Current position: Professor, Dept. of Applied Mathematics, University of Crete, and Researcher at the Institute of Applied and Computational Mathematics, Foundation of Research and Technology, Greece

Konstantinos G. Politis

Ph.D. Thesis: "Theoretical analysis of the wave-body interaction problem with emphasis on the low-frequency and large time asymptotics", NTUA, Greece, 1990
Current position: Professor, Department of Naval Architecture, School of Engineering, University of West Attica, Greece

Selected Diploma and M.Sc. Students

Ilias G. Mavromatis

Diploma Thesis: "Probabilistic description of responses of nonlinear dynamical systems under colored Gaussian excitation", NTUA, Greece, 2020

Constantinos P. Mavroeidis

Diploma Thesis: "Variational and Asymptotic Methods in the Study of Nonlinear, Free-Surface Waves", NTUA, Greece, 2019

Athanasios I. Lolos

Diploma Thesis: "First-Passage-Time Problem of differentiable random functions, and applications", NTUA, Greece, 2017

Nikolaos I. Vasilikis

Diploma Thesis: "Hydrodynamic interaction and power absorption efficiency of wave energy converters in the frequency domain, using the boundary element method", NTUA, Greece, 2016

Alexis-Tzianni Charalampopoulos

Diploma Thesis: "A Hamiltonian Coupled Mode method for the fully non linear water wave problem", NTUA, Greece, 2016

Konstantinos I. Mamis

Diploma Thesis: "Modeling and Analysis of Hydro/Piezo/Electric Systems", NTUA, Greece, 2013

Kyriakoula N. Kofiani

Diploma Thesis: "Calculus on Functionals and Variational Formulations with Application to Mechanics", NTUA, Greece, 2007
Current position: Engineer, Shell, The Netherlands

Themistoklis P. Sapsis

Diploma Thesis: "Stochastic Analysis with Applications to Dynamical Systems", NTUA, Greece, 2005
Current position: Associate Professor in Ocean Utilization, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Peter Vranas

Diploma Thesis: "Excursion analysis and extreme-value analysis for stationary stochastic processes: short– and long–term consideration", NTUA, Greece, 1988
Current position: Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Georgios Kossioris

Diploma Thesis: "A function-theoretic approach to a two-dimensional wave-body interaction problem governed by the modified Helmholtz equation", NTUA, Greece, 1986
Current position: Professor, Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, University of Crete, Greece